Dubrovnik ACI Marina: A fantastic year behind us!

Mato Frankovic, Manager at the ACI Marina Dubrovnik is more than pleased with the season 2012 and has already started planning next year’s goals and work plans. ‘Over the years Dubrovnik has become a globally known brand – the breathtaking coast, crystal clear waters of Adriatic, fresh air, mountains, great food and fine wines…The list is long, so to see Dubrovnik recommended on Top Travel Lists for 2013 comes as no surprise to us. Whoever comes and experiences Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands, will return for sure.

How was the last season? Were there any changes?
Yes, actually several changes and developments. We invested significant funds in improvement of the existing infrastructure, in order to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay for our guests. Additionally, besides the infrastructure and the overall offer at the Marina, we always try to do our best customer-service wise, and we have significantly improved our service – in all areas. Numerous recognitions and guests’ letters confirm this daily, so I must admit, I am pleased. But of course, there are always areas we can improve, and we will continue to do so in the future as well. Here at the Marina is all about our guests – their wishes and needs, comments and suggestions. We cannot move forward unless we listen carefully our guests’ thoughts and remarks.

What are your plans in years to come?
Many plans, but limited funds unfortunately. The crisis is taking its toll on many countries worldwide and on Europe too, and here in Croatia we also feel the impact of the crisis. But I believe that even in difficult times, the investments are necessary, as we must keep looking forward to the future. One of the projects I see vital for the Marina in the years to come is the building of a larger dry dock area and a purchase of a new travel lift of 130 BT as then we would become the only marina between Montenegro and Šibenik up north, to be able to lift a boat heavier than 60 BT. Additionally, more and more mega yachts visit Dubrovnik archipelago, so expanding of mega yacht capabilities is crucial. The mega yacht project is, I believe, vital not only for the ACI marina but for the city of Dubrovnik too, as the mega yacht service would be significantly improved and we would be able to cater additional guests and yachts. Last but not the least, the biggest investment we plan in the years to come is a renovation and refurbishment of the Sorkocevic castle. This unique and one of the most beautiful castles on the Adriatic coast, a part of the ACI Marina, would serve as a museum, but also would have accommodation facilities available.

Big plans for the future, and we look forward to accomplishing the set goals.


About acimarinadubrovnik

A full service marina featuring 425 berths and 140 boat places on land. All berths have water and power supply. The facilities include: fornt desk, exchange office, aperitive-bar, restaurant, tennis courts, swimming pool with breathtaking view overlooking the bay, toilets and showers, laundry service, supermarket , nautical gear store, repair shop, 60 t travel lift, parking lot, gas station..
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